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Update 25 jan, 2023
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Blower Apk: Many people do it for Android phones. But many people do not even know how to use all the features of Android phones. You are given many amazing features on Android phones. If everyone knows how to do that. So all of them will fall in love with their phone. It is also not easy to use all the features. But there are some people who can use all the features very well.

The features of Android phones make these phones different from other phones. But if you also want to use your phones in the proper way. For that, we will keep giving you many tips & tricks. You can also make your phones very interesting with the help of some apps. Related to this, today we have brought one such app for you. Whose name is Blower Apk? To know the complete details about this you will have to read our article completely.

What is Blower Apk?

The blower is your app to generate a sound vibration. With which you can blow candles and match sticks. Such karma is very interesting. Candles can be blown with the help of an app on a mobile phone. It generates a sound vibration from one of your speakers. With whose help you can blow candles and match sticks. You can use this app to have fun as your time passes.

How to Download Blower Apk?

To download the free version of this app, you have to download it through the apps providing website. Its paid version is available on Play Store. You can also download it from our website for the free version. Where you can download it absolutely free in simply 2 steps.

How to Instaal Blower Apk?

  • Firstly you can download this app from our website.
  • Now tap on the install button.
  • Here it will take some time to install.
  • After installing this app you can see the open button.
  • Now you have to tap on the open button to use this app.
  • Now, this app is ready for your use.

How Blower Apk Works?

You all know that there is no fan attached to the mobile phone. So where does the air come from the phone? All science students will know how this app works. it does not generate air. In reality, it generates sound vibrations from the speaker of the mobile. With the help of which sandals or match sticks can be blown.

Blower MainSS1 1 1

Is it Interesting to Use Blower Apk?

By the way, many funny and interesting features are already available on all Android phones. Boot if you want to add any funny features separately. So I think you must try this blower app. It is very interesting to use it.

Is it Safe to Use Blower Apk?

Yes, it is absolutely safe for you to do that. Many people do it for fun. Because of this, you will get a long list of its users. Due to this, your device will not have any kind of religion. And there will be no bad effect on your phone’s speaker as well.

Features of Blower Apk

All its features are very interesting. Where you can generate vibrations of different sounds. You can also use this app for fun.

Blower Meter

Whenever you use the blower app. Then you see a meter. You can use that meter with your control. The speed at which you will airflow. That meter reacts according to the same speed.

Puff Mode

Blower MainSS3 2

Here you can use puff mode to blow the lighter. With the help of puff mode, you can also blow match sticks and candles. Because in puff mode there will be very slow sound radiation flow.

Max Mode

On max mode, you can generate vibration at a very high speed. You can customize it according to your accord. It is a lot of fun to use Max mode. Especially when you run it at very high speed.

Random Mode

Random mode is mostly used for fun. Where you can control the meter like a dancer. In random mode, it meters up and down at a very high speed. He looks like a funny dancer.


You can customize this according to your own accord. You can use it yourself by customizing its settings as well. All its modes and meters can be customized for your own fun or for other works.

Control with Voice

When you do this to yourself, then you can control its meter with your voice as well. The louder the voice you use. It generates vibrations according to it. Which he enjoys doing.

Different Types of Sound

You can use many sounds here inside this application. You will get to listen to many different types of sounds in it. Because of this, it becomes more interesting for you to do it.

No Registration Required

You do not need any kind of registration to use this application. You just have to do that after simply downloading the blower apk. In this, there will be no need to make any I`d on the blower turn.

Blower MainSS2 3

Ads Free

Ads will not disturb you while using the app. You can do this yourself for your fun without any disturbance and without any tension.


If you are also searching for such an application. Which you can control with your voice. For that, you must try the blower pack once. It is absolutely free to download and use the app. Where you can make your Android device very interesting by using different types of features.

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Does the blower pack generate air?

Do this to you when you do it. You will know then. It only generates sound vibrations.

Is Blower Apk safe to use?

Yes, this application is absolutely safe to use for your android device.

Can the blower apk be used on which device?

You can use the blower apk easily on an android device.

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