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Name GBWhatsapp Apk… GBWhatsapp Apk is the most famous version in the GBWhatsapp Apk series of publisher
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Genre Communication
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Version v19.60.1
Mod Version v19.60.1
Update 20 jan, 2023
MOD For Android
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Android Android Communication
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GBWhatsApp Pro Apk: You all know what’s about you. Which is used the most for conversion. This application is used by most people. 50% population of this world uses WhatsApp. This app is mostly used for this reason. Because in this app you have all the chats and your data under your control. And your complete data is safe. You can use Whatsapp in any country. A cookie is available to do in most countries.

Where there are many benefits of this application. But it also has some side effects. I am telling you about the side effects. because also use GBWhatsApp pro apk. But I don’t like some of its features. All of them are that you cannot download your favorite status in it. The boot is also a modified version of this application. In which you can see the dip of anyone. And you can also download it. Along with this, you can also download everyone’s status.

The name of the application when GBWhatsApp Pro apk is available. Where you get permission to use all the pro features. Today we will give you complete details about this app. After which you too will not be able to stop yourself from using WhatsApp Pro App. Today we will give you complete details. After reading this you will clearly see the difference between WhatsApp and its Pro version. In this, we will show you more about the normal version and the pro version by comparison.

What is WhatsApp?

Whatsapp is a very popular application in itself. Well, you don’t need any intro. All of you will know that some time backs Hey GBWhatsApp has been edited by Mark Zuckerberg. Along with this, Facebook was also not bought by Mark Zuckerberg. After buying GBWhatsApp many changes have been made to it. And its security level has also been made very high. Basically, WhatsApp is a conversational app. Where you can chat in any country without any tension. You can have conversations with your family friends and relatives. Along with this, you can also talk with all of them on video calls and audio calls. Due to the high security of GBWhatsApp, all your data remains 100% safe. Now we will also tell you about its mod version and when WhatsApp Pro APK.

What is GBWhatsApp Apk?

Like WhatsApp, this is also a version of the same. Whose all features are amazing. It works exactly what you type. Only its name has been changed. Everything else you will get to watch as normal WhatsApp yours. When in GBWhatsApp you will get just a few different features.

Like you can download everyone’s status and dip into the normal version of the app. And you must have seen it whenever someone deletes them after messaging you. Then a lot of curiosity starts happening. What was there in that message which was deleted? When you can also use WhatsApp to see all those deleted messages.

In this, you will be shown all the deleted messages. When WhatsApp is a good choice in comparison to the normal version. Which you will also find available on Play Store. After downloading it, you will not have to download separate status-saver apps. You can download all the stocks like that from this application.

Gbwhatsapp Pro Apk 1

What is GBWhatsApp Pro Apk?

If you want to do GBWhatsApp like that. All the features of which you get in pro mode. So for that when you can use GBWhatsApp Pro App. This is just a normal version of WhatsApp. You will get it absolutely free to download. But there is only one problem with it. You have to do a little extra work to download it. Because when you will not get WhatsApp Pro APK available on Play Store.

Here You can download it from any website by going to Google Chrome. You, people, do not need to do much to download it. You can download it from this article on our website. To download, we have given your download link at the top of this article. Where you will download it in only 2 steps in the simple way of the ghost. When GBWhatsApp Pro comes in the category of popular conversation apps.

You will get this to download in only 42 MB. The pro version of this app has been published by WhatsApp only, Its time-to-time version updates also keep coming. After which its security and features are increased. Because of this, you can use its Pro version without any tension.

How to Download GBWhatsApp Pro Apk?

You do not need to take much tension to download this tremendous application. Now you will not find this version available on Play Store. But by downloading it you will definitely be able to use all its amazing pro features. For that, you have to download this application from our website. If you do not want to do it by downloading GBWhatsApp Pro apk from our website. So no problem, you can install it from any other website as well. This application has so much popularity. that you will find available on any normal site.

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How to Install GBWhatsApp Pro Apk?

  • First of all, you have to open Google Chrome on your phone.
  • Now you have to search for GBWhatsApp Pro App on Google.
  • After this, you have to download it from any website.
  • After which it took some time in downloading.
  • After downloading you have to click on install.
  • Now it takes some time to install.
  • After installation, you will get the button to open. By clicking on it you have to open it.
  • Now you are completely ready to do it.

How to log in to GBWhatsApp Pro Apk?

GBWhatsApp pro apk is mostly used for conversation. The way all of you must have logged in to the normal WhatsApp app. Same way in the evening when you have to log in to GBWhatsApp pro apk. For you will first download it from our website. After downloading, simply open this app. Now he asks you for some permission. You have to allow all those permissions without any hesitation.

Now you have to enter your mobile number. The number from which you want to use this application. Only after that, is a code sent through the message on your same number. You have to file the same code in it. After which this application will open and you can use it. How does this application work? For that also we have given the complete details below.

How to Use GBWhatsApp Pro Apk?

As soon as you enter this extraordinary application. After this, you will see that you get the option of chatting. From where you can message all those contacts. The contacts will be saved on your mobile phone. Now you can message all of them. And you can talk on video calls or audio calls. This is where you will be able to see all those statuses. Those who may not have put available logos in your contact list. if you like any status. To download it also you will get Arrow for download here. The status that you click on will be downloaded automatically. And it will be saved in your phone’s gallery.

What are the Extra Features in GBWhatsApp According to Normal WhatsApp?

In the normal version, you cannot download the status and dup of your contacts. And in the normal version, you will not be able to see the deleted messages as well. You will automatically feel the difference while doing Simple Whatsapp and using the GBWhatsApp Pro version. When in GBWhatsApp Pro, you can download all the statuses and DP like this. And you can hide your last scene and status. And you will be able to see deleted messages as well.

Features of GBWhatsApp Pro Apk

Gbwhatsapp Apk 4

Normal WhatsApp yours, you have been doing that for a long time. After which whenever you would have done that also of WhatsApp. Boot you obey our advice once and download its pro version. You will fall in love with its pro features. After this, you will do it when you have GBWhatsApp Pro for a lifetime.

Unlimited Calls

By the way, you can also make audio calls in normal WhatsApp. In the same way, you can make unlimited audio calls in GBWhatsApp Pro APK. Here you can make video calls to your relatives or friends along with audio calls. You can talk to another person on every call as well as on a conference call. Even in a video call, you will be able to talk to many people simultaneously on a video call. All these facilities have been provided to you in GBWhatsApp pro apk. Being able to face many people at once. This makes this application unique in comparison to other apps. Because of this, you will find its users in millions.

Hide Your Last Seen

Suppose you do not want to show your last scene to anyone. So you can turn off the last scene for this. Because of this, no one will be able to see your last scene. In this, you get one more extra feature. In which you can show your last scene to the person you want in your contacts. You can hide your last scene from everyone else and keep it like that. Because of this, no one will know when you did your GBWhatsApp pro apk. You can show your last scene to any special person from your contacts. Your last scene will not be revealed to any other person.

Hide Your Status

Gbwhatsapp Apk 5

Everyone likes GBWhatsApp pro apk and is on your status according to their mood. Some people take photos. So there some people put on windows status. Boot if you want to hide your status as well. So you can do that too. If ever you find any status for a special person. And you want that person only to be able to see your status. No one else can see your status. So in the Ask situation, you can apply for status by sucking your special person from your contacts. Now your status will not be shown to any other person. Your silent message will also reach that person. And no one will even know.

Change Chat Theme

If you are not happy with your normal chat theme. So you don’t need to worry about that too. How can you change your chat theme in GBWhatsApp Pro APK? You will also get different themes to change the theme. But if you want to put your photo or any of your favorite photos on the chat theme. So you will be able to apply that too. And on the chat theme of a special person, you want to apply a separate love theme or a special wallpaper. You can apply that too.

App Lock

Everyone likes privacy. Everyone keeps a lock on their phone and on their apps. If you also want to keep your GBWhatsApp pro apk locked on you. And you want to keep your chats and your apps private. Then you can keep them on your GBWhatsApp pro apk and other apps available on your phone by locking them. Due to this your chats and all other apps on your device will also be completely secure. When in GBWhatsApp Pro App, you can lock other apps along with this app. Whose password will be with only you? Without your permission, no one will be able to do anything wrong with your phone.

Texting Messenger

You can easily chat with all the people available in your contact list. You can chat with anyone you want as much as you want. From here you can send messages, videos, photos, and emojis to them. You can control all this from here, in which you will not have to think about anything before sending any file. You can send as many large files as you want. Normal what you must have seen in you when you send something to someone. Then you cannot send anything to more than 5 people. Booty when WhatsApp is in you there is nothing like that. In this, you can send videos and photos to as many people as you want at once.

Turn Off Blue Ticks

Whenever you message someone. Then you see that if the ticks turn blue. Then it is known. That someone messages you and you can also see their messages. And the person in front should not even know. When you can use this feature also in GBWhatsApp Pro apk. You just have to turn off the blue tick setting from the settings. Now, whenever you get a message from anyone. You will see that message and the blue tick of your message scene will remain normal. They will not turn blue by changing their color. Because of this, the person in front will feel that you have not even seen the message.

No Ads

In this, you will not have to face any aids. By the way, this app comes in the list of third-party apps, But its security and its interface are charming. You must have seen it in the list of third-party apps. That whenever you use any application. Then ads come in between. Because of this, there is a lot of problem with using it. And there is maximum irritation. But while using GBWhatsApp Pro apk, AIDS will not bother you at all. And you will be able to use this application without any disturbance.

Download Status

You can simply see the status of your contacts in the normal WhatsApp app. If you like any status. Booty you can’t download it. And on asking for that study or photo from the front, there is an embarrassing feeling, But how can you download everyone’s status in WhatsApp? You just have to work on some simple steps for that. Whenever you see someone’s status and you like it. Then you will see an arrow for downloading there. As soon as you click on that arrow. Only then that status will be downloaded automatically. And it will be saved in your phone’s gallery. Which you can do later to put a status on your GBWhatsApp pro apk. Or if you want to save it on your phone. So you can save it and keep it on your phone as well.

Seen Delete Messages

When you message someone on GBWhatsApp you. And you get released suddenly. That you have sent the wrong person or the wrong message. Then you get 2 options to delete it. either you can do it in delete for. Only that message will be deleted from your GBWhatsApp pro apk. And if you click on delete for everyone. Then that message gets deleted from the front person’s app. Boot when someone messages you in GBWhatsapp Pro apk. And after that, he deletes the message. But that message will not be deleted from your app. You can see that message even after it is deleted.


When you will get many such features in GBWhatsApp Pro APK. Which makes it much more unique than a normal WhatsApp. It is very simple to download and use this app. You just have to simply download it. And you have to use this app by logging in with your phone number. You can do unlimited messages, unlimited calls, unlimited video calls, and unlimited send files, all through one application.


Can I make audio and video calls when in GBWhatsApp Pro apk?

As I have told you earlier also. You can talk to anyone on an audio call while using this amazing application. And you can also use video calls to talk face-to-face. You can make unlimited video and audio calls here.

Can I do this when I have multiple accounts in GBWhatsApp pro apk apk?

Yes, you can use multiple accounts in Jab GBWhatsapp pro apk. But to use different accounts, you have to log in with different mobile numbers. Because with 1 number you can run one application. But you can use WhatsApp multiple times from different mobile numbers on 1 device only.

Do you like GBWhatsApp Pro apk like its normal version?

In Yes GbWhatsApp Pro apk, you will find many extra features available from its normal. And this is also a safe application. So it will be a smart choice for you. In which you can enjoy many free features within one application.

Also Download: GBWhatsapp pro apk for android.

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